Who We Are

You may find this brief glance at Branch 136 history of interest. From humble beginnings in Winnipeg 1925, the Legion has grown to become Canada’s largest Veterans support and Community service organization. A non-profit, dues supported organization, providing programs touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians across the country, every day.

Branch 136 was chartered May 21, 1929. The first Poppy Campaign took in $120.65. Dues were $1.50 per year. The 2012 Campaign hit over $60,000. Dues now are $50. In 1936 the Clubroom was housed in the old shoe factory. The same building on Main St, that until a few years back, was the Lido Restaurant. In 1939, the Legion bought 21 Charles St.  A caretaker was hired with living quarters on the top floor, in lieu of wages. The first meeting at the new location was April 17, 1939.

During WWII, the branch provided assistance to service personnel and their families living in Milton. Meals were served in the branch on a regular basis, as a result, a Ladies Auxiliary was formed in October 1944, receiving their charter January 1945. Membership climbed as our Troops returned home. In 1947, a Veterans’ Club License was issued permitting the sale of beer, to men only! In 1957, plans were implemented to dig out the basement, by hand, for a clubroom, and renovate the main floor for an auditorium. The Legion during these years was a hub of activity for the entire community. In 1966, a motion to allow women, accompanied by their husband entry into the clubroom, was rejected! Dues had climbed to $8/year. In 1973, the rules changed allowing the children of Ex-Service members non-voting Associate status.

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Today, membership is open to all Canadian citizens of good character, who believe and support the purposes and objects of the Legion. Our membership is close to 600. Recruiting is EVERY members’ responsibility. Our #1 mandate is to protect the rights and interests of all Veterans. As long as Canada has a military, the Legion has a role in society. Many people are not aware of how easy it is to join, and, some wonder why would they? Membership isn’t solely about the clubroom comradeship.Youth programs are our #2 priority. The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors a National Track & Field Program second to none, in fact it was the Legion Track & Field Program, from which Athletics Canada was patterned. Wayne Gretzky is a Legion T&F Alumni. The Remembrance Contest each November promotes the perpetuation of  Remembrance. The Public Speaking Program is a starting point in the careers of many. Youth darts is becoming a popular sport in branches across Ontario.

Our Branch is the proud sponsor of the 2990 Lorne Scots Army Cadet Corps, an affiliation which began in September 1939, when the Regiment was made honorary members. As well, we are proud sponsors of the 1st Milton Scouts, another affiliation going back to the early 40’s.

Over the past 85 years, Branch 136 has been an integral part of our town, contributing millions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours, to help make Milton, our Town, a better place.

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